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    Updated On: Nov 08, 2017

    IMPORTANT: This information should not be downloaded using government equipment, read during duty time or sent to others using government equipment because it suggests action to be taken in support or against legislation. Do not use your government email address or government phone in contacting your lawmakers. 

    Update (11/8/17) - We wanted you to know that we just received notice that the markup for H.R. 4242, the VA Choice Privatization bill, has been postponed until next week. We remain adamantly opposed to this legislation which fails to keep our nation’s promise to veterans by shipping vital care from the VA to costly for-profit providers with no experience in treating the emotional and medical needs of our veterans.  Please continue making calls to your Representatives to reject this terrible legislation. We will continue to keep you posted on developments relating to H.R. 4242 as they unfold. 

    We wanted to up you on the VA Choice replacement bill. Nine in ten veterans say they want their care at the VA, but just last Friday the House of Representatives introduced a bill, H.R. 4242 that opens every part of the VA to privatization, from health care to housing and education programs. The “VA Care in the Community Act”, H.R. 4242, that the House VA Committee is voting on this Wednesday, November 8th at 2:00 p.m. delivers just about everything privatizers and corporate lobbyists could have dreamed of. This is the most aggressive attempt we have seen so far to starve the VA health care system into extinction while endlessly expanding contract care. 

    Please call (833) 480-1637 and ask your Member of Congress not to privatize the VA, and oppose the Roe bill, H.R. 4242.  We must tell every Member of Congress the truth about this privatization bill: Every dollar spent on privatized care deprives veterans of the specialized care that saves their lives and helps veterans heal faster. 

    H.R. 4242 funds a vast increase in corporate health care directly from VA funding, making it impossible for the VA to address the nearly 50,000 vacancies plaguing the agency. This is a recipe for disaster that will end in less care for veterans, longer wait times, and the dismantling of the only care network specialized to the unique needs of veterans. We must stop this death by a thousand cuts before it can’t be stopped. An expansion of choice funded out of the VA operating fund, isn’t just a death sentence for the VA, it’s a death sentence for many of our nation’s veterans.

    Please pick up the phone today and support our nation’s heroes. Call your Member of Congress (833) 480-1637, and remind them that the only way to keep our promise to veterans is to fully fund and staff the VA. They must stop HR 4242, and stop all attempts to hand over the care of our veterans to private corporations that will not stop until they dismantle and destroy the VA.

    Attached you will find a letter that was sent by AFGE yesterday to all member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee in opposition to H.R. 4242. We have also attached a letter that CVA recently sent to the House in strong support of VA privatization as well as an article from the Wall Street Journal published last week on CVA’s and the Koch brothers’ ongoing efforts to privatize the VA.

    AFGE Letter in Opposition

    CVA Letter

    CVA Article

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